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SGMsoft invites English (and preferably Russian) speaking digital marketing expert to lead the marketing & sales efforts for our in-house subscription-based cloud service on the US/EU market.

This is a part time position (~60%) with a monthly salary up to $2,500 (160k RUR) depending on skills/experience.

You will be leading the market rollout of a cloud subscription service that allows businesses to view and manipulate geo-aware object from their IT systems (CRMs, spreadsheets, fleet management system) on a map, build routes and sell more efficiently. You will be developing marketing strategy in close cooperation with the CEO and then ensuring its implementation including contracting necessary outsourced teams. Your responsibilities will also include:

  • Lead generation & nurturing stream:
    • Running tests of multiple lead generation channels, performing a/b tests, focusing marketing resources on most effective channels.
    • Supervision of mass mailing campaigns.
    • Converting Google Analytics into actionable data.
    • Setting up and perfecting remarketing campaigns and lead nurturing funnel & campaigns using marketing automation tools (like Zoho Campaigns), supervision of work of oursourced CRM consultants.
    • Supervision of adwords & social ad campaigns.
  • SEO stream:
    • supervision of development of website/blog content, including the outsourced SEO team, that is addressing the target key phrases;
    • identification of the web resources to host marketing content and supervision of its placement there (articles, posts);
    • identification of relevant forums and supervision of insourced and outsourced activities to attract relevant traffic from them.
  • Partners relations stream:
    • Supervision of partner development efforts, increasing network of professional services companies partnering with us and offering the service to their customers.

To be a good fit for this position, you need to have at least 5-7 years of similar experience (leading digital marketing activities) and be able to work independently without day-to-day supervision. Fluent conversational English is a must.

We welcome talented hardworkers from any part of the world, regardless of their country of residence or native language.

Please submit your CV to [email protected].

When applying, in your cover letter please briefly describe your top-3 successfully marketed projects and describe your achievements in measurable metrics.