2nd place in Dstl Satellite Imagery Feature Detection contest: object segmentation in satellite images. Kaggle. Video. Video.

2nd place in DrivenData: N+1 fish, N+2 fish contest: fish type and size detection in real-time video stream. DrivenData. Video.

2nd place in Morgoth’s Crown: SpectrumPredictor contest: prediction of chemical compound specter based on dataset of chemical reaction. TopCoder.

3rd place in Planet: Understanding the Amazon from Space contest: classification of objects on Amazon river satellite images. Kaggle. Video.

9th place in Cervical Cancer Detection contest. Kaggle. Solution.

Top 2% in Data Science Bowl 2017 (prize: $1M): early stage lung cancer detection on MRIs. Kaggle.

7th place in Konica: Pathology Segmentation contest: segmentation of cancer cells in epithelium. TopCoder.