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Here are only some of our projects, please contact us to learn about more of our works.

Objects-on-map, US
API / Platform
Real-time Leasing Platform, RU
Custom CRM / Fintech / Platform
Cart Checkout Solution, EU
E-commerce / Fintech / Platform
Worldwide Incorporation, UK
Billing / Custom CRM / Platform
Tool renting platform, UK
Billing / E-commerce / Platform
Investment Platform, RU
Fintech / Mobile Apps / System design
XGT Fitness, US
API / CRM / Mobile Apps
GymHit, US
Billing / CRM / Platform
Buket.ru, RU
CRM / E-commerce / ERP

top-rated at Upwork & data science contests

Projects completed
2200 +
Hours billed
100 %
Job success rate
5 stars
Upwork rating
2 times
Finalists of Skolkovo satellite image recognition contest
# 2 place
In DSTL WorldView 3 satellite image segmentation contest
# 3 place
In Kaggle's SCCON project for image analysis of Amazon river
# 4 place
In Avito contest for classifieds duplicates detection

About Us

SGMsoft LLC is a California-based company focusing on development of custom web-based and mobile software with extensive expertise in system design and management of complex IT projects. We are also proud of our knowledge of financial products/processes and experience in FinTech. The services are provided by analysts/PMs residing in the Bay Area and a highly skilled development team in Russia, which allows our North American customers to benefit from moderate hourly rates while avoiding timezone/language issues usually present with offshore teams.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping innovative companies disrupt markets and bring more value to their customers, by leveraging most up-to-date cloud technologies and machine learning. Learn our story >>


We offer our clients full access to our time-tracking software that confirms every hour of our work with 10-minute screenshots and activity tracking, with real-time budget utilization reports and detailed daily reports.

Social Responsibility

1% of entire company’s revenue is transfered to Nastenka Foundation on a permanent basis to help cure children of cancer.

Our 5 key differentiators

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How to Benefit from Offshore Programming

Many customers come to offshore labor marketplaces like Upwork with the cost-saving as their #1 priority and fall into a number of common traps causing disappointment in offshore outsourcing and misconceptions about it. This post analyzes these common errors and provides guidelines how to benefit from hiring an IT team overseas.