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SGMsoft invites experienced Web-Solution Architect to join our Cloud Development Practice and lead architectural development and the team of web developers in creation of a highload payment platform for the fastest growing payment provider in the EU.

In the future, you’ll be able to join the following projects:
– development of a cloud system combining elements of a CRM, Monster.com and Upwork and changing the way how employees in certain industries are found, contracted and how their repuration is managed through their life (startup in the US);
– development of a cloud diagnosis solution utilizing neural networks and computer vision, which will define how diseases in certain fields are diagnosed in 5 years (internal startup, founded in conjunction with our Machine Learning Practice).

Your mission is to:
– lead architectural design, its development and related risks in our largest projects (for our customers in Northern America and Europe);
– lead the implementation team in the most sophisticated projects;
– maintain high standards in architectural design and overall development.

You would fit well in the team, if you …
– see yourself as part of a team aiming at disrupting markets and defining how people will work and bring value in the future;
– possess 7+ years of experience in highload projects with extensive business logic and are proficient in one or more of the up-to-date PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony2 or Yii2;
– proficient in RDBS and query optimization;
– when you come across something new, you are figuring out not only how it works, but also why it works this way;
– demanding to yourself and the others in regard to code quality and best practices in architectural design;
– experience with Angular, React and NoSQL – are significant advantages.

You are invited to work in our office in Kazan (BC “Tandem”) or remotely from any city in Russia or outside. Salary: up to 210k RUR (3,5k USD) depending on your skills and experience.

Please submit your CVs to [email protected].

When applying, in your cover letter please briefly describe your top-3 projects, and for each of them please indicate:
– when the project started/ended;
– what its current status is (running, cancelled or under development);
– full tech stack;
– size of the team;
– your role in the team;
– what part of architecture and the functionality itself have you designed and implemented;
– what primary challenges/issues you faced during development and how you resolved them.

Please be prepared:
– for a 1.5hr video interview with screensharing and real-time coding / problem solving tasks;
– to provide contact information of your superiors at your 3 previous positions for references.