How to Find a Talent and Get Reliable Quotes at Upwork (Step-By-Step Guide)

Finding a great developer at Upwork for a non-CMS based project is hard. Large amount of billed hours, Top-Rated badge and 100% job success rate are no guarantee of a skilled and motivated coder. This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to structure your job posts and talk with candidates at Upwork to get accurate quotes and attract talents to your team.

How to Benefit from Offshore Programming

Many customers come to offshore labor marketplaces like Upwork with the cost-saving as their #1 priority and fall into a number of common traps causing disappointment in offshore outsourcing and misconceptions about it. This post analyzes these common errors and provides guidelines how to benefit from hiring an IT team overseas.

The Story of SGMsoft

I am Sergey Shurygin, founder and CEO of SGMsoft. In this post I’d like to share the company’s story with you. It took a while before an idea to create an IT business came to my head. By 2013 I had been working in OTP Bank Russia for 5 years supervising implementation and development of online banking solutions for private individuals and credit card technologies…

История SGMsoft

Я – Сергей Шурыгин, основатель и директор SGMsoft, и в этой статье я хотел бы поделиться с вами историей компании. Идея создания ИТ-бизнеса пришла не сразу. К 2013 я уже 5 лет работал в ОТП Банке, где руководил внедрением и развитием интернет-банкинга для физлиц и технологий кредитных карт…